Short Biography of Famous Soccer Player – Diego Maradona

His complete name is Diego Armando Maradona. He was born 30 October 1960 in Lanús, Buenos Aires. Maradona is an ex- Argentine soccer player, and now manager for team of Argentine national. He is regarded as a lot of people as the greatest football player of all time. His nickname is The King Pibe de Oro Golden Boy. He was chosen the greatest FIFA soccer player of the 20th century (an honor he shares with Pelé.

He quickly raised to prominence in the Argentinian soccer leagues, and became a foremost star. Diego Maradona is an icon in Argentina, much like Evita Peron. As a football player, he took his team to new heights and became a hero to sports fans- a lot of who referred to him as “San Diego.”

In club level, Maradona joined with Argentinos Juniors, Boca Juniors, Barcelona, Newell’s Old Boys and Napoli, setting world-record contract fees. While in his international level, participating for Argentina, he made 91 caps and scored 34 goals. Maradona played in four FIFA World Cup tournaments, including the 1986 World Cup where he became a captain for Argentina and caused them to their triumph over West Germany in the final. He won the Golden Ball award as the tournament’s best player.

Maradona is a very great master of the ball who makes use of his aptitude and flair at unbelievable speed. He could surpass defenders, score, and give out the ball. His multitalented skills make him unpredictable and very hazardous. Hardly any defenders can stop Diego in his heyday with no committing fouls, a fact which has caused him greatly over the years. His famous skills are in Dribbling, flair, creativity.

Surviving James Dean (Book Review)

When I saw “Surviving James Dean” on the bookshelf, I felt I had to reach for it, probably just for reminiscing. James Dean was the idol of my teenage years, although I wasn’t all that much taken by him. My cousin, however, married her first husband because he looked, walked, and acted exactly like James Dean. When the actor died, our entire generation of people went into mourning.

I can’t tell how much of what I read in the book’s pages can be the truth. It is always easy to say anything for or against a person after his death, because he is not around to tell his truth or defend himself against lies, if there are lies.

This book, however, is a memoir of the writer William Bast and it reflects his life, his lifestyle, and the way he looks at his former roommate and friend. I did not take this book as James Dean’s truth as it would be in an objective biography, but more like as William Bast’s truth and his obsession with the actor.

James Dean was not only an American icon; he was an idol worldwide. The reference to Dean’s homosexual tendencies, therefore, should not be taken as facts, since they may be colored by the writer’s own tendencies and his awe of the actor. After Dean’s death, the author must have had his glory days, since everyone, the renowned and the unknown, held him in high esteem because of his friendship with Dean.

According to Bast, James Dean had his flaws, especially when it came to financial responsibility, recklessness, and maybe eccentricity, but he was enthusiastic about life and showed compassion to living things. The best part of the book for me were when the two friends shared an apartment and helped each other out in times of need.

The language of the author is direct and easy to understand, and some parts of the book can be very interesting to those who remember James Dean and still cherish his memory. A passage when the author gets his first ride in Dean’s famous white Porsche reveals the actor’s recklessness that led to his demise. Passages like this make the book worth reading.

“The Porsche, built low and sleek, took the hills as they were freeways, hugging the road neatly with each treacherous curve… I had never, in all the time I’d known him, ridden in a car with Jimmy when he’d driven so fast. That night I swore I’d never ride with him again.”

The author of the book, William Bast, educated at the University of Wisconsin and UCLA, has concentrated extensively on James Dean in the book James Dean: a Biography and in “The Myth Makers” a television drama. Originally from Milwaukee, Bast resides in Los Angeles.

“Surviving James Dean” is in hardcover with 320 pages and ISBN: 156980298X.

Even if it was written from a different perspective and possibly an obsession, I found the book descriptive and interesting, because it points to the complexities of two people who have shared a friendship as well as room and board. “Surviving James Dean” could be worth reading if you keep an open mind about a few uncertainties.

The Biography of Milton Glaser

Out of the thousands of award winning designs and projects that he has authored, Milton Glaser is best known for a chosen few – the ‘I love New York’ Logo, his ‘Bob Dylan’ poster and the ‘Brooklyn Breweries logo. He also co-founded the now very famous ‘New York Magazine’. Now, let us look further into Milton Glaser biography.

Born on June, 26, 1929, Glaser started the path that would lead him to several successes at the then, New York City’s High School of Music & Arts and Performing Arts (Cooper Union Art School) and graduated in 1951. Under scholarship, he then attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna from 1952 to 1953.

Although blessed with such a great mind, his work is famous for the simplicity, directness and originality of it. With themes that range from ‘primitive’ to ‘avant garde’ he has designed several album covers, book jackets, illustrations for magazines, print adverts, etc. for too many clients all over the world.

Milton Glaser has also founded or co-founded many successful establishments in his lifetime. In 1954, together with his former course mates, he set up Push Pin Studios. In 1974, he started his own studio, Milton Glaser, Inc. With his new studio, he became involved in a wide array of projects. The famous ones are; an enormous mural for the Federal Office Building in Indianapolis and the design of his pet project, the New York Magazine.

In 1983, he collaborated with Walter Bernard to form a publishing design firm called WBMG. With many publications to vouch for it, this very famous, award winning company is a household name when it comes to Magazines and Newspaper Design in the US and even Internationally.

With a very long career in graphic design, he has almost become a legend when it comes to contemporary arts. His designs and illustrations are now famous case studies and this has won his numerous awards from prestigious art clubs, institutions, and societies.

Glaser was made an Honorary Fellow at the Royal Society of Arts in 1979; he was also made a member of the Alliance Graphic International. In 2009, President Barack Obama decorated him with the ‘National Medal of Arts Award.

Several of his work are displayed in various leading Arts Museums around the world, they include; Victoria and Albert Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, Musee d L’affiche in Paris, Israel Museum, etc.

As an icon who strived to pass on his legacy to the younger generation, he has lectured in the Cooper Union and the School of Visual Arts both in New York City. The legacies left behind by Milton Glaser are almost too generous to mention, his name is almost now synonymous with graphic design and illustrations.