A Short Armando Montelongo Biography

Armando Montelongo was born in 1970 and grew up in San Antonio Texas. He co-founded Montelongo House Buyers along with his brother, David, and now presides as president of the company.

Armando’s main company is called Montelongo Worldwide Incorporated and is headquartered in his home town of San Antonio, Texas.

This Texans small family ran business became a huge success in just 5 short years after it became popular on the A&E television show “Flip This House”. He is accompanied by his wife, Veronica, and brother, David, in all of his housing flipping adventures on the show.

The reason behind the mans quick success is nothing but pure motivation. He firmly believes in hard work, a philosophical view on life and positive thinking. He also believes everyone should have very big dreams.

The Montelongo family are as laid back as they appear on the television show. They all love playing practical jokes and rarely pass up the opportunity to do so. This is seen often in their hilarious antics in front of the camera.

Most recently, Armando has brought his success to the internet to share with others. He is now offering a program filled with a home study course and ebooks that can teach just about anyone all the methods he uses to build a run a successful business. So far, things must be working too. There is an awful lot of buzz about this man all over the web.

He has met his share of heat from the fans for his sometimes forward attitude on the show, but most view this as someone who just doesn’t take well to being messed with. While there are some people that feel this doesn’t make for a good business owner, others feel it is the exact reason he became successful so quickly.

Short Biography of Famous Soccer Player – Sepp Maier

His full name is Josef Dieter “Sepp” Maier. He was born in 28 February 1944. He is one of former professional German players of soccer with position as goalkeeper.

He was born in Metten, Bavaria. He spent the total of his proficient playing career at Bayern Munich, succeeding the Bundesliga Championship four times and the European Cup three times successively. Sepp” Maier played between 1966 and 1977 in an unremitting series of 422 matches, still a German national record.

Sepp Maier was one of the greatest goalkeepers as long as a period which saw a lot of great goalkeepers rise to prominence, especially in Europe. He was chosen West German soccer player of the year three times.

Sepp Maier’s goalkeeping aptitude was matched simply by his eccentricity, seeing that Maier was considered as a bit of a joker by many players and fans. This impression was augmented in one game which Bayern were dominating without difficulty, Maier turned his consideration to hunting a duck which had got stricken in the Olympia Stadion, rather than focus on the game.

Apart from his sense of humor, he was a really great keeper, who had the fate of winning nearly each competition he played in at least once, including a World Cup for West Germany in year 1974, a European Championship in 1972, the Intercontinental Cup in 1976, UEFA Cup Winners Cup in 1967, European Cup in 1974, 1975, 1976, and Bundesliga in 1969, 1972, 1973, 1974.

His greatest achievement came in 1974 when he assisted his national part to triumph in the Football World Cup 1974, World Cup final in his home city of Munich. In total he took part in his country 95 times.

Jason Witten Biography – Early Years

American Football player and Cowboys tight end Jason Witten was born in Elizabethton, Tennessee on May 6, 1982. That makes him a Taurus. The 6′ 5″ tall, 262 lbs # 82 Dallas Cowboys tight end has captured the hearts of many fans, especially those in Dallas. Jason Witten’s career in football has been a bright and fast one.

Witten lives in Southlake, Texas, is married to an emergency room nurse, named Michele, and has two sons, and is a proud owner of a dog named Tink. Jason’s charity work is well known and recently he launched a program to help families and kids who are affected by domestic violence. The foundation is named the Jason Witten SCORE Foundation. His extensive charity work is the reason he was recognized for the NFL’s Walter’s Payton Man of the Year (2007) and also for winning the Home Depot award of Neighborhood MVP. He has received many other honors due to his charity work.

Jason Witten’s bright performance on the football field dates back to his high school years at the Elizabethton High School where he was a linebacker and tight end. Witten shined as one of the most prolific football players in high school. Jason Witten’s college years were spent at the University of Tennessee. As many would have guessed, his college football years were stellar. During that time, Witten managed to chalk up many records after switching from a respectible defensive prospect to a offensive tight end. He established records for receiving yards (493) and receptions (39). His accomplishments allowed him to leave his senior year and enter the NFL Draft in 2003. From there his career skyrocketed and his reputation continues to shine on and off the field.

Looking at back at his early years, Witten’s hometown was Elizabethton (a town that is located between Bristol and Johnson City in Tennessee), he was raised by his mother’s parents from the early age of 11, when he came to live with them after his parents divorced. Jason Witten had a tough childhood prior to moving in with his grandparents. His parents had problems with various arrests and there was violence in the home. His parents are both still living, although they do not appear to play a significant role in Witten’s life.

Dave Rider is Jason’s grandfather, a football coach for many years, was a major influence in Jason Witten’s football career. Elizabethon high school named their stadium after Dave Rider and is still named Dave Rider stadium.

In high school, Jason Witten was named the Tennessee Player of the Year by USA Today. He was given other honors such as East Tennessee Player of the Year, Mr. Football Runner-Up (by the associated press) and Region Defensive Player of the Year. Witten was a starter during all four years of high school and helped take his team to the state semi-finals in three different occasions.

Today he is one of the most respected players in the NFL. Jason Witten is regarded as a sincere family man, with a down to earth personality and a great influence on our youth.